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Community long range wireless network in South Skye and surrounding area outage


Janet showed me the following message which was posted by SkyeNet the other day in a WhatsApp group/chatroom (or whatever itís called in WhatsApp) for the people of Heasta. Janet said she thinks there was a much longer outage here than just 11:00-13:00; she thinks more like a day long from peopleís comments about "Have you got any internet yet" and the like, although I point out that the complainants could have been talking about their ADSL.

The following post doesnít mean much to me.
--- Quote ---Apologies for the outage between 11 am and 1pm today. It was caused by a faulty Commsworld router in Mallaig.

All traffic from the west-coast community networks currently go via this router and problems with this particular device has caused a number of outages over the past year and a half.

HUBS have been working to set up an additional circuit from the West Coast to Edinburgh to reduce exposure to such malfunctions, but this has been taking up much longer than expected due to an incompatibility issue with a Commsworld switch in Edinburgh that is part of that new circuit.

All the same, we understand such outages are a cause of frustration and send our apologies.


Mark de Vries
--- End quote ---

I ask myself:
* Do I read it as "it has taken 18 months to diagnose a bad router" and now we have done (what?) ?
* How does an additional link help fix a bad router? A bad router is still bad.
* And whatís the end result of all of this? - we have fixed / still have not fixed the problem.
* Has the router been swapped out? Good routers are available.

I've read that quotation and it doesn't make much "joined-up-sense" to me.

Perhaps they are just acknowledging the problem(s) and hope that the target readers in their "chat room" are not technically competent?  :-X

Janet showed it to me because she thought even not being a specialist herself it seemed like nonsense to her.

Mrs. Weaver's instincts were correct and you reassured her, I presume?

I told her that her instincts were good, indeed. ;D


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