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Author Topic: Ordered FTTP but forsee a problem (2)  (Read 274 times)


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Ordered FTTP but forsee a problem (2)
« on: October 02, 2020, 10:56:34 AM »

EDIT: The post below is redundant now as they came today and finished the job. They did indeed delay it due to the weather, but only a couple of days so all is well.

Sorry to hijack the thread, but as OP mentioned the change in season could impact their ability to unblock a duct it got me wondering...
I've been waiting months for OR to install what I believe is a point to point ethernet line. It's not GPON in the traditional sense, but a hybrid broadband over leased line connection provided by Giganet (they call it UltraBEAM+ I don't understand the specifics, but the surveyor said it's as if they're installing a point to point ethernet leased line, but as Giganet have unbundled the exchange the other end of the point goes to their kit where they run a slightly contended service over a leased line style fibre pull.
Anyway, it'll give me symmetrical gigabit business broadband to the home for just over 300pm, and I was one of the last to get the government gigabit voucher before they closed it back in May/June.

I've had the bundle of fibre outside my front door since May. But when they did the pull, they found a blocked duct I believe between my house and the FTTC cab (assuming this is the closest POP) a way behind the house.
As the roads were "non highway authority maintainable" and not maintained by the council (private roads for a new build development ~9 years ago), the main delay was in getting wayleaves/permission to dig up the road and fix the duct.

This was finally scheduled for Oct 1st-Oct 5th. No van turned up yesterday and no one today so far either.
I'm wondering if the rain/storm can delay these types of works?
You can see the works scheduled at both the works entry on Hargreaves Close and Edmund Court behind are for me and one other resident opposite (we coincidentally ordered at the same time both with vouchers so that's covered all the installation costs). Postcode RG24 9SS.

I'm curious if anyone knows, as I suspect it might be slightly different given it's not GPON they're installing and it's covered under different processes. After waiting this long, it would be a PITA for the storm to delay things further into god knows when.
But also completely understandable if so given it's a health and safety risk at best and could potentially damage equipment at worst. I guess I saw the blanket statement "weather = install delayed until november" earlier in the thread and got concerned.


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