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Author Topic: FTTP coming to area (yay!) - improving chances of ideal building entry?  (Read 261 times)


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I'm in Norwich City Centre and caught the Openreach van the other day surveying the area and marking up for FTTP deployment , and a few days later something being pulled between covers on a nightshift - in the street though, not into our courtyard.  Markings have appeared in my off-street brickweave paving, so it seems arrival is imminent.  (shown as arrows on plan).  Apparently some of the BT covers have been paved over, so there is some work there to do...

My house has very little frontage to the courtyard (house outline highlighted red), none of it with power or being suitable location for permanent electronics.  The ideal location is under the stairs (where the current BT master socket is, though the cable arrives via a tortuous route which I can't see the fibre ever making).  The current copper  lines come up into the cavity between mine and my neighbours garages (marked with a circle on the plan) and I can't even access into the cavity on my side any more.  In any case, I doubt they'd be routing the fibre up though there as they they have a right old game getting it where it needs to be in the house.  I imagine their plan is to run the fibre along the fronts of the properties and enter through a convenient location on the frontage.

Ideally I'd like them to come in with the fibre through a wall which is in a planted border, under the stairs, and out of the panel under the stairs to the internal fibre box which could be powered there - or better still into a cupboards further still where I have all my network gear (ubiquiti setup) - though not wanting to push my luck too much!  I've highlighted the locations on the attachments.  What are my chances of this happening, and could I make it more likely by having a nicely made appropriate spec hole / duct etc going to the right place?  To be honest I can't see any other entry really working as there isn't power on the walls that come out of the paved driveway and the fibre route to power isn't very helpful.

Are there requirements such as the minimum height of the entry above the soil level etc that might scupper this ie if the stairs are lower than that, I can't get the fibre in to the correct height to make it work?

Thanks for any help or advice possible.

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