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Author Topic: Get stats out of my Billion, in bridge mode  (Read 394 times)


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Get stats out of my Billion, in bridge mode
« on: July 10, 2020, 01:56:00 AM »

Hi all,

I've been fiddling with this for a few hours and not got anywhere, so wanted to assistance. I have a Billion BiPAC 8800 AXL R2 in bridge mode, connected to a ZyXEL VMG 8924 on router duties, via an Ethernet PPPoE connection. I'm trying to get the stats out of the Billion and failing. I've read a few things about putting the Billion on a different subnet ( currently, ZyXEL is at and setting up static routes but, the instructions are never explicit enough. They either leave out a salient point or are on different hardware, so the guidance differs.

So what I'm trying to do is to be able to access the stats on the Billion over the network and have it connect/ output to DSLStats.

I can access the stats by plugging a laptop into the Billions Ethernet ports and giving the laptop a static IP address on the same subnet as the Billion. This is clearly a faff though and not a proper solution.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.


ETA: I don't have any spare ports on the ZyXEL's switch, so can't attempt the 2 cable method.
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Re: Get stats out of my Billion, in bridge mode
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2020, 11:04:03 AM »

I got it working, and then stopped it working again.  ;D I know why it stopped working though, so will fix that when I can get into my office.

Just to make this clear for anyone else in my situation.

Modem = Billion BiPAC 8800AXL R2
LAN router = ZyXEL VMG8924-B10A

Settings for the Billion:

WAN Interface:

Type = Bridging
Service Name = Your choice
VLAN Enable = Tick
802.1p = Whatever your ISP uses. Typically 0
802.1q = Typically 101

LAN IP Address =

DHCP = Disabled
WLAN = Disabled

Static route set as follows:

Destination IP -
Gateway -
Interface - br0
Metric - 3

Settings for ZyXEL:

WAN Interface 1:

Type = Ethernet
Mode = Routing
Encapsulation = PPPoE
IPv6/ IPv4 = IPv4 Only
PPP Username = As per ISP
PPP Password = As per ISP
PPP Trigger Type = Auto Connect
Authentication Method = CHAP (this may differ depending on your ISP)
IP Address = ISP specific
Nat Enable = Tick
Apply as Default Gateway = Tick
DNS Servers = As you prefer/ per ISP
MTU = As per ISP

(Any setting not specifically mentioned, leave as default)

WAN Interface 2:

Type = Ethernet
Mode = Routing
Encapsulation = IPoE
IPv6/ IPv4 = IPv4 Only
Static IP Address = Checked
IP Address = (or a free IP address in the same subnet as the modem)
Subnet Mask =
Gateway IP Address = (that of the modem)
DNS Servers = As per those in WAN Interface 1

Physical connection:

Any LAN port on the modem to the WAN port of the router. This is important.

Thanks to this,24705.0.html thread. And this thread.

Hope this helps someone.

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