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Virgin Media Upgrades


I haves been upgraded - foc - to  100mbs. My package was 50mbs.

I don't receive any notification - a random speedtest on my part identified it.

I suppose I may have a contract price haggle come contract renewal but very happy with things at the moment.

@stevebrass you must be one of the 1 million:

virgin's current pricing is a bit crazy, 50 down 5 up is 28 a month, but new customers get 108 down and 10 up for 27 a month  :lol:

Are they still selling 50/5?

Grandfathering of old tiers isn't uncommon. They're left as they are rather than messing around with billing for them as a general rule worldwide, with upgrade to new speeds rather than reduction in pricing.

New customer discounts excepted naturally.


--- Quote from: CarlT on January 20, 2020, 01:07:42 PM ---Are they still selling 50/5?

--- End quote ---

No. It wasn't possible for me to purchase in December either online, over the phone or in person from the salesman.

25/month for 110/10 was the most basic package available to me.


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