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Author Topic: DLM not working as it should  (Read 1221 times)


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Re: DLM not working as it should
« Reply #30 on: November 08, 2019, 06:55:02 PM »

They have been back to me, saying that BT have told zen the CVLAN rate  been recalculated for an 80Mbps sync rate.
But how would this have any effect on the BRAS server that sets the IP profile? the Cvlan would already be set to 80mbps Because of the product spec 80/20? Well i did a session drop and a re sync but no change,
Sent message back to them, just had an e-mail from a manager
reviewed this connection and also spoken with Openreach.  They recalculated the BRAS but it looks like this has had no effect for you.  It's more likely that the missing few mbit/s is a result of router error more than it is a line error.  Have you checked with an alternate model router at all?

Additionally, I'm seeing from your usage that you only generally use around 5-10 mbit/s of your full service.  Is it crucial that the extra few mbit/s are reached? 
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