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Author Topic: Siri delays - please wait / Working in it  (Read 968 times)


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Siri delays - please wait / Working in it
« on: October 21, 2019, 02:39:55 AM »

Today I was getting messages from Siri on my iPad which seemed to show that it was having problems talking to the servers. One of my four lines is down currently so speed is slightly reduced and earlier today, until I fixed the problem with an iPad reboot, I had a problem with iOS 13 and the 4G NIC subsystem where there was no communication over 4G. That is now resolved. The Siri delay messages have now gone away.

Is there a way to test Siri’s communication abilities? I asked her “is the internet connection working” and she replied “looks like we’re online”. But I wondered if there is a better test, one that tests the full path properly.

I was also wondering how best to test for packet loss, especially upstream ?

AA’s clueless displays the results of the continuous CQM monitoring of the internet connection, so I know I’m getting no packet loss on the link between router and AA. That doesn’t include IPad internals though, doesn’t test for problems within iOS or 4G subsystem or Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi signal strength is excellent.

So how best to test the link all the way from iPad to ISP, so including iOS ? And check for packet loss.

Just use normal speed test tools and look for speed drop ?