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Author Topic: IRC nick - lost the plot  (Read 879 times)


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IRC nick - lost the plot
« on: September 30, 2019, 03:27:59 PM »

I think I have a nickname (username) on the Andrews & Arnold IRC server. I’ve been trying to recover control of it forgotten username and forgotten password.

And basically I have zero clue about IRC commands nor about the Colloquy IRC client, which I am using here.

I can talk to others fine in IRC, connection is ok; the basics are working fine. I log in and talk to NickServ but then when I try certain common nick-related commands I just get an error something like ‘you are not connected’. I have not been able to get anywhere with RESETPASS but maybe I’ve got the syntax wrong, although I have read the general help info. It could be that I have guessed the username / nickname incorrectly, or perhaps it’s an error with case ‘myname’ vs ‘MyName’ - I guessed the latter.