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Author Topic: Beach boys  (Read 1465 times)


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Re: Beach boys
« Reply #15 on: July 22, 2019, 04:55:48 PM »

@7LM  That sure is one clever kitteh.

I've seen several reports over the past few years which suggest that the cat may actually have a better sense of smell than dogs.  - eg linky...   but as you can see, the problem is getting them to want to do it.

Same with the mirror test which used to test for self recognition and intelligence.  I really am not sure what to make of that.  Cats do obviously see in mirrors, the first time they encounter will they will assume it is another cat and you do see kittens playing with their reflection.   After a while though they just ignore 'the other cat'.   
But how many cat owners will actually say that they do see their cat looking at the mirror.   Many a time if I've been sat at the dressing table doing my make up only to realise they are led on the bed behind but giving me direct eye contact so I am certain that to some extent they understand some basic concept of reflection..  but just have no interest in being vain nor caring if there is a red spot on their face.

@4candles...  aww how cute <3
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Re: Beach boys
« Reply #16 on: July 22, 2019, 07:08:24 PM »

Another weird thing about my own cat companion.

As a cat-caring person, when walking into town, I never hesitated to engage other suburban cats, should they present themselves for stroking or ‘conversation’ ( :)).   But after mine passed away, those other cats generally stopped presenting themselves to me, and some that had previously been friendly would sometimes even scamper if I tried to say hello.    :(

Always wondered, is that because I no longer smelled of cat?   I might be unusual in that observation as I only ever had the one cat.
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