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I thought this may be of interest to anyone able to receive Hyperoptic broadband.

That's a pretty good deal for FTTB considering ADSLx services cost more including line rental!

Upload speed is a bit of a shame, but this is still great value if you can get it.

Worth bearing in mind that Hyperoptic seem to be using Carrier Grade NAT (CGN), and they charge 5/m for a static IPv4 address. Shouldn't be a big issue for most, since they are rolling out IPv6 and a lot of the mainstream services are using it. But it would bring the price up to 22/m (27/m after 12 months) if you want a static IP address.

I see, that is worth considering. Unfortunately hyperopic is no where near my town but I thought I should post it in the off chance it may secure a member on here a good deal.


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