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Author Topic: RAM Latency comparisons in 24GB config VS 8GB and swapped channels  (Read 1452 times)


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i lately went from a 8GB 2x4GB ( CMK8GX4M2B3000C15R ) config to a 24GB 2x4GB + an extra 2x8GB ( CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 ) config.

I hesitated at the start because of raised issues about multiplied latency as well as different issues with different sizes mixes and now not exactly matched memory kits.

besides, I used AIDA64 to degree memory latency, earlier than and after the improve. I additionally in comparison what occurs when you switch the kits channels at the mobo.

earlier than the improve, I measured the latency in AIDA64 ( now not through the gear > cache and memory benchmark ), but at once with the Menu > Benchmark > memory Latency benchmark.

I then measured it after the improve by way of setting the brand new 16GB package within the desired channel ( the one farthest from the cpu socket, A2/B2 in line with my mobo's manual, mobo being the MSI Z370 pc pro ), with the 8GB package in the different channel and additionally by swapping the channels so the 8GB kit is inside the preferred channel and the 16GB in the different channel.

The assessments have been performed at 2933mhz, the unique channels timings have been set to "unlink" in order that every channel had it is own SPD prescribed default timings.

The timings for the 8gb were: 1T/15/17/17/35/390 + secondary and tertiary timings on car ( stayed regular across all assessments ).

The timings for the 16gb had been: 1T/15/17/17/35/525 + secondary and tertiary timings on vehicle ( stayed steady across all tests ).

yes the 16GB is slower on default settings, no I couldn't get it all the way down to 390, it become introducing mistakes.

every test turned into ran three instances with the outcomes averaged, energy settings had been set to excessive performance, all viable heritage procedures had been killed, antivirus became off and disconnected from net to limit disturbances.


8GB config - 52.3ns

24GB config, 16GB preferred - 59.2ns

24GB config, 8GB desired - 52.5ns

My speculation changed into that inside the 24GB, 8GB desired channel config, the faster 8GB kit gets used first. opposite for the 16GB desired channel config with the 16GB package crammed first and the quicker 8GB used last. plainly hypothesis become confirmed.

I concept this facts might prove useful to all and sundry who become considering upgrading from 8GB to 24GB or 4GB to 12GB or even 16GB to 48GB.

for max overall performance, vicinity the quickest lowest latency RAM within the mobo's favored channel slots as indicated in your mobo's guide.