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Author Topic: Firebrick and NAT question  (Read 305 times)


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Firebrick and NAT question
« on: April 22, 2019, 03:40:36 PM »

Currently I have four ZyXEL modems connected to a Firebrick router. The admin interface of each modem is currently parked at 192.168.n.1 as seen by the Firebrick, and each in its own individual separate LAN.

The downside of this is the current need to configure each modem differently, configured for 192.168.n.1, as DHCP is not being used to make address assignment automatic - zeroconfig. The modems also can not be quickly swapped over.

Some trickery involving packet rewriting rule plus NAT currently makes it possible (i) for users on the main LAN to access a modemís admin interface and (ii) for the modems to access the internet.

* My question: If I were to try and arrange for each modem to be parked at the same address, say, would NAT still work?

I obviously would have to do some more rewriting trickery maybe with override rules, I am not sure. I donít know how the routing table works on the Firebrick. If it has a column with interfaces in it then fine? That would be a good start.

* Do some systems have a routing table that literally has an address in the corresponding column, that is some address that is supposed to identify the interface concerned?

So in such a case that would be rather limiting.