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Author Topic: Can anyone identify the equpment in use, and/or what its capable of?  (Read 1386 times)


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Re: Can anyone identify the equpment in use, and/or what its capable of?
« Reply #15 on: April 19, 2019, 10:09:32 AM »

> Should I enable SRA? I can, and have used it before, but I figured why bother if my sync is set so low it will never have to 'adapt' the rate anyway.

You’re of course absolutely right about that. SRA only makes sense if someone has a target SNRM established and is aiming to keep the SNRM and hence the reliability or error rate at a fixed level. However if you at some point we’re to have the opportunity of choosing a fast ISP, one with a variable rate and low target SNRM, then SRA would keep it reliable and healthy as it would simply slow down when conditions got bad rather than getting unreliable and then dropping the connection altogether. Or looked at in the upside down direction, if the SNRM varies during the day, and downstream does vary for most people, if it is low-ish, then you can run the link at the best speed regardless of what time if day it is that you sync in the first place. Most people on low varying SNRMs find that this random pot luck thing, the time if day when you first sync, sets their speed and reliability randomly for days or weeks - until the next resync anyway. So they might feel the urge to choose a ‘good’ time of day to sync if they want speed or a ‘bad’ one if they want reliability. And luckily if course none of this nonsense currently applies to you.
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