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Author Topic: FEC HEC CRC Errors - LOADS!!  (Read 4620 times)


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« on: November 03, 2006, 09:54:38 PM »

Hope somebody can help/advise what's up with my connection...

I'm having various problems, but of most concern is the error count on my router - getting loads of FEC errors, some CRC's and some HEC's (see below). Am also experiencing random disconnects..... maybe related to the errors, or maybe my isp is just pants!!

Ok, some details:
ISP: plusnet (premier up to 8Mb) - sync at 6048/640 although this varries
Router: Voyager205 (fw 1.8)
House network: My flat is floodwired with cat5 - The router is in the cupboard with the BT master socket, DSL connected to filter (BT supplied) directly into the master socket, with the ethernet cable from the router into my patch panel patched to a netgear 100Mb 5 port switch in my living room. 2 laptops and an xbox 360 connect to the switch. There is also a small telephone frame in the cupboard, with the phone jack connected to the ADSL filter in the BT master socket.

Router stats:

DSL Parameters and Status
Vendor ID:   00B5GSPN
Revision Number:   Y1921a
Serial Number:   123456789abcdx
Local Tx Power:   12.13 dB
Remote Tx Power:   19.81 dB
Local Line Atten.:   19.5 dB
Remote Line Atten.:   9.0 dB
Local SNR Margin:   11.5 dB
Remote SNR Margin:   13.0 dB
Self Test:   Passed
DSL Standard:   G.dmt
Trellis Coding:   Enable
Framing Structure:   Framing-3
Config Data      Up                     Down
                    Intrlvd Fast     Intrlvd    Fast 
AS0(kbps):   -   -       6048   0
AS1(kbps):   -   -          0   0
LS0(kbps):   640   0          -   -
LS1(kbps):   0   0            -   -
RValue:             16   0         16   0
SValue:             8                    1
DValue:            2                   32

Counters     Local                 Remote
                Intrlvd    Fast           Intrlvd    Fast 
FEC:           744   0         155   0
CRC:             7   0            84     0
NCD:            0   0            0      0
OCD:           0          0           -      -
HEC:         2   0          58   0
SEF:             0                     2
LOS:           0                           0

Failures   Local       Remote
NCD:           268508      2736
SEF:                    0   34732
LOS:             34200      97698
LCD:             34960         0

Any ideas???

Thanks in advance!!!


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Re: FEC HEC CRC Errors - LOADS!!
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2006, 07:23:36 AM »

You appear to have interleaving on. In that case it's quite normal to get FEC errors - these are in fact errors which have been corrected without needing retransmission, and it's not unusual to see numbers in the millions in that column.

However the instability and other errors are of some concern. With your stats you ought to be getting a faster and more stable result, so you need to look at possible noise sources. The first thing to try is a different filter, and remove the master socket faceplate and plug the filter into the test socket inside to eliminate internal wiring from having an effect. If this gives you better results then consider getting a filtered faceplate, or you could try removing the ring wire from pin 3 in the master socket.



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Re: FEC HEC CRC Errors - LOADS!!
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2006, 10:35:33 AM »

I would agree with roseway. For the sake of the line, you ae getting a raft of failures.

I wouldn't be very worried about the FEC and such like errors because again as roseway points out, this is error correction in action, which saves retransmission of data otherwise corrupted or lost.

My line is presently non-maxed and is a fixed service, and i get plenty of error correction counts - which doesn't bother me given the period over which these are clocking up and the fact that my line is pretty far out from the exchange.

ADSL stats, 4th Nov, 10:28am