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Author Topic: 800 million emails and other data leaked online by email verification service  (Read 929 times)


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Had an email from have I been pwned this morning.

I do wonder what other information of mine was in there and whether it's related to the letter I got from my bank yesterday. The letter was a new telephone banking pin which I had apparently requested, so I phoned them, I wasn't too impressed with the person I spoke to, but it seems someone tried to access my account via telephone banking and failed to enter the correct pin, so they automatically send a new pin. All they could tell me was that it was 3 days ago, the voice was a male and the telephone number was withheld.
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Interesting that the bank accepted that call, from a withheld number.

I think I approve.  It suggests to me that particular bank might understand that caller id can be spoofed, especially by the bad guys, and so it contributes nothing to security.

Not long ago, I mistakenly suspected fraudulent activity on a card.   I called the bank in a bit of a panic, wanting them to cancel the card.   In my panic, I seemingly answered one of the “security questions” wrongly, as a result of which they refused to discuss my concerns, or to cancel the card.  Instead, they just politely ended the call.   Good job my suspicions of fraud were mistaken, but can’t help thinking their security process left something to be desired. :'(


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To be honest when I give my details to someone now I just assume it will be leaked whether by security or selling, I try to use a unique email address to most places now as I am curious how long it takes for something to leak and by using something unique I know how quick it is.

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if you use gmail then it's quite easy to use unique addresses for each service you use.
that makes it very easy to spot who is leaking data.