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SSD about to completely die I think, is not a TLC or cheapo brand

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My oldest SSD I think is about to die, I am about to try and image the drive.

Its a samsung 830 128gig, its a MLC drive.

In terms of flash usage, its not even used 5% of its rated life.

Symptons are it randomly isnt available at post, and becoming inaccessible to the operating system.

Meanwhile my 10 year old WD Black spindle is still going strong, although I am in the process of demoting it to my ESXi/proxmox machine from main PC.

It powers the hardware that i run my dslstats from, so those will stop monitoring yet again, sorry for anyone who watches my line.

Unlike HDD's as others with dead SSD's reported there is no pre warning on this drive from SMART data, 0 CRC, 0 write failures etc.

--- Code: ---[root@WIN-TEST:~] df -h
VmFileSystem: SlowRefresh() failed: Unable to get FS Attrs for /vmfs/volumes/5963bec2-63d09362-4cc7-001b213de643
Error when running esxcli, return status was: 1
Cannot open volume:

--- End code ---

 :no: :no: :no: :'( :'( :'(

That is really good to know, and bad news. It seems these things were really never meant to be rewritten a gazillion times. And we ignored that and are now perhaps doing so.

Back in 1989, if memory serves, which it probably does not, my boss said in a press conference at the Savoy "you’d be an old man". He was quite right, and we are now old men, and also are abusing them at a rate that was not even under discussion on that day then.

might possibly be a false alarm, I swapped out the sata cable and it appears ok again, but obviously I copied all data incase I am wrong, will see and update the thread.

The smart data now shows 5700 CRC errors.

I wonder if there is a difference in ssd quality with the sata ssd's and these m.2 drives, are m.2 drives more reliable than the regular ssd?

I doubt there's much difference, same set of technologies just different packaging and data interface.

I have a couple of Intel X-25M 80GB SSD's still in use, one in my PfSense router and the other as a secondary drive at work, both purchased in December 2009.


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