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Author Topic: Plusnet customers may not be receiving some of their emails  (Read 15420 times)


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I would say highly likely plusnet have a dns reliability problem, likely doing some kind of spf check or something, dns lookup is failing and then they have a configuration that cannot deal with that fail condition so it rejects the mail.  550 is an internal error code, meaning its caused by server configuration fail condition.

Indeed...  and that has already been suggested several times by users in threads over on their forum.     But PN just say they are unable to replicate it.
They've been asking lots of people for more information for months, but despite this they are no further forward into finding a solution.

to any plusnet customers (or any isp customers really), I will say it again, its a bad idea to use broadband provided email solutions.

Yup.  I think I'd be horrified to know that important mail had been rejected..   there was a case on there whereby one of their customer's had had an email from his bank undelivered and only found out because they'd ended up contacting him by snail mail.

Pretty diabolical.  :-[

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I always used a separate email service provider, not my ISP, for email. Now that my former favoured small email server provider is in more - in the sense that they were taken over - I have switched to using for my email. AA is a separate email service provider anyway though. You can buy email service from AA for @some-domain-of-yours without needing to use AA for internet access.
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