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I've found wireless adapter does not support 5GHz

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The item is a Qualcomm QCA9565 802.11b/g/n Wireless Adapter fitted to my Dell Inspiron 3650 Desktop.
ATM 5G is not an absolute requirement, as my close locality is not very crowded net wise.

However, it's probable I shall need to move to a more crowded location nearer the town centre, where the upside of 5G could be more apparent.

All Dell seem to have "helpfully" expressed to  similar comments is to use a USB adapter. Does any one, if there are adapters supporting 5G, compatible with my computer?

It's pretty easy to change the internal wireless card inside your desktop so it works with 5Ghz without having to connect any usb dongles.

You would need a half mini pci-e wireless card.

Going down the USB route there are no special requirements for your computer.

Any USB dongle that does 2.4/5Ghz and supports the Windows version you use will work.

I saw  the existing adapter described as 1x1. Does that place any limitation on my choice of replacement. A lot of adapters on sale today are 2x2. To the  special needs net illiterate like me, it's confusing. :-[

2x2 is better :) still works :)

I understand the 1x1, 2x2 refers to the numbers of Rx and Tx antennae. I'm guessing that would mean the compacter has been configured physically 1 Rx and 1 Tx. How would and can one add additional antennae, and without that option would performance be degraded, to what extent?
Thanks j0hn, I must be thick.


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