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M.2 SSD to SATA Adaptor

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Trying to source a M.2 SSD to SATA adaptor which is compatable with all key formats (B, M & B+M) and protocols (SATA, PCIe & NVMe) all in one unit, mSATA not really a requirement.

I found this which will do mSATA, M.2 NGFF B/B&M keys but not NVMe/PCIe, M key format:

Or this which appears to do NVMe/PCIe, M key format only:

I appreciate that speed benefits of NVMe/PCIe will not be realised using a SATA/USB-3 adaptor, the set up will only be used for SSD checking, cloning etc on a test bed.

Would be nice to have an "all in one" unit at a reasonable cost if that is possible, I already have a SATA/USB-3 adaptor with external PSU connection.

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Thanks b*cat for sorting the links.
Yes, the second link especially was indeed overly complex.

In fact I was intending to post a help request with respect to hyper-link re-naming within posts which I have tried to do without success so far.

To date when trying to rename a hyper-link within a post which has been externally sourced, ie, not a link to another kitz forum post, I copy to a Word document, rename there to something relevant and shorter with view to then copying to the post in progress, however, always end up with the full original URL again regardless of the method of copy & paste deployed.
Obviously doing something wrong, pointers to correct method appreciated.

Have noted that you always have very tidy and relevant hyper-links in your posts so I'am sure you are the man with the knowledge.


--- Code: ---[url=]English Wikipedia[/url]

--- End code ---

English Wikipedia

If thats what you were asking?

I never use the clickable icons, two rows above the compose/edit box, but always type them out . . . I've been doing "it" for so long "it" is an automatic, reflex, reaction.

Suppose the actual site url is "" and, in my post, I wish to embed it with the name "mumbo-jumbo" displayed. I would type the following --


and the result will be --


So for your first link I might type --

[url=]mSATA, M.2 NGFF B/B&M keys but not NVMe/PCIe, M key format[/url]

which would give --

mSATA, M.2 NGFF B/B&M keys but not NVMe/PCIe, M key format

and for your second link I might type --

[url=]NVMe/PCIe, M key format only[/url]

which would give --

NVMe/PCIe, M key format only

[Edit: I see johnson's fingers are quicker than my paws!]

The easy way using burakkucat's first example:
You have to be in the WYSIWYG view mode to do this.

* Type the text you want to be the clickable link (mumbo-jumbo)
* Highlight the text and then click the Insert Hyperlink button
* A pop-up box appears for you to paste/key the URL (
* Click OK and the job is done.If you toggle view to see all the BBCode you will see it has generated


as given by the previous posters.


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