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Unable to get my PC to boot in CSM mode from USB stick

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I have an issue with my Gigabyte Brix mini PC running windows 7 reported before where it has become counterfeit! So in order to fix this I need to boot it from the Windows Install disk, however with only limited USB ports and no CD/DVD drive I have created a USB stick from a downloaded official windows 7 ISO. Now when I try to boot from this USB stick it refuses to boot up. The BIOS has CSM enabled and the stick has been created using the official M$ USB creator which I downloaded.

Now the strange thing is that the PC was originally installed using this same method but now I have no idea how to get it to boot from the detected USB stick. I tried creating the stick also using a program called RUFUS which says it creates it in a more compatible with both MBR and CSM but no way does this boot either. I've tried a different USB stick as well but still no boot. The stick is always detected when I go into the BIOS. I also have the latest BIOS installed which is the same one I used originally when installing the PC.

So has anyone any ideas I might try to get this to work?


I seem recal this issue. I think the USB stick must be 2gb or less. Something connected with the old DOS limitations for boot sectors. If you have a small stick itís worth a try.

I also have a procedure written for creating bootable USB which I can share via PM if needed. No external software required.



Any good??

You won't fit the Windows installer on a 2GB stick.

Presume the bios is set to boot from usb?

I think I might have found the problem. After I last updated W7 on it I updated the BIOS and now it has xhci but the standard W7 install only has ehci drivers. So I found a way to add the xhci drivers to the iso and rebuild it. I will try later today to see if the updated stick boots now with the added drivers.

Yes I know installing a later version of Windows might work but I have no need of anything in the newer versions. If only I could find a way to run the weather s/w under linux I could ditch Windows entirely as this is the only Windows system in the house ;-))



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