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Author Topic: OS wish-list feature - QoS marking preference  (Read 275 times)


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OS wish-list feature - QoS marking preference
« on: January 03, 2019, 08:50:38 AM »

I wish Santa would add a feature to my o/s next year. An app looks up a domain name. The IP address results come back. Now that app and certain domain names (or ip addresses), plus protocols and ports match a rule defined in a database owned by the o/s. When there is a hit on the tuple of app + ip + protocol + port, the o/s QoS-marks outgoing packets and if possible arranges for the incoming packets to get QoS-marked as well. The o/s puts a QoS-aware queuing system in front of outbound packets too.

It should be possible in a settings UI for the user to override apps and add QoS to apps after the fact, so that even if they do not support it, QoS-marking gets applied by the o/s, without the app knowing.

I would love it if Apple were to do this. Of course doing it in a router would be better and having a standard router control protocol for this would be excellent. And then the ultimate would be ISPs, unless it doesn’t matter and routers could effectively manage downstream traffic even from the ‘wrong end’.
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Re: OS wish-list feature - QoS marking preference
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2019, 11:37:46 AM »

I would suggest hell will freeze over before Apple implement this. Linux can and does already do most of it, though.

Various proprietary software does too, especially in the software defined feature set, but QoS policy downstream is decided on by the router there, not CPE.

Router control protocol communicating with ISPs not happening, though there are signalling facilities already present on ISP-managed kit on customer sites. These are, however, for flows originating from that kit, or the part of the flow in that direction, the remote kit makes its own decision on how to handle outbound traffic if it sees the flow first.

A wishlist indeed.
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