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Author Topic: PGP in iOS and an idea  (Read 4165 times)


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PGP in iOS and an idea
« on: November 22, 2018, 02:15:50 AM »

It is a pain trying to get S/MIME to work under iOS as Apple has made it quite awkward. I donít know if there is any decent PGP speaking email client or a tool that performs PGP related functions on text separately and actually works. I have read a review of some app that is supposed to be able to check text a PGP signature in any app and the review said the app just didnít work.

It was some while ago that I looked at this briefly. Does anyone know anything about S/MIME or PGP in iOS?

I had an idea : what about a server that processes your email and checks PGP signatures and lets you know if something is bad ? For outgoing mail, your server could simply PGP-sign stuff for you. So zero hassle for all iOS users. Or could do the same conversion functions with S/MIME. A local server, on the LAN, or even in the same box, using could take away the hassle and even do encryption / decryption if you wish without exposing any significant parts of the path to eavesdropping.

Has anyone done such a thing already?