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Author Topic: NAT64 / DNS64  (Read 651 times)


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NAT64 / DNS64
« on: November 15, 2018, 05:26:31 PM »

A while ago I gave NAT64 a try using my IPv6-only RaspberryPi as a guinea pig. Running Ubuntu v18 for ARMHF. I set things up to go through Google’s public NAT64 gateway and DNS64 translator. It all really works, amazingly clever.

I actually foresee a day when this technique could start to become really important. It certainly seems to work fine for me, very impressive. The problems that all NAT usage has, of the lies being revealed if a client mentions its own address in communications, will always be there. I wonder if there will be any new problems though, seeing as the DNS64 results are well meaning lies. Does anyone know what will happen if DNSSEC starts to take off? What happens if DNS lookup results are validated with crypto technology?

Andrews and Arnold offers a NAT64 / DNS64 service for any IPv6-only users and I remember reading reports from users who had had a successful experience with it a good few years back.

I’m aware that some substantial organisations have already gone all IPv6-only, it has gone beyond just test labs . Microsoft’s own internal corporate network is IPv6-only now, including the guest WLAN that is made available to visitors to their office, which is possibly freaking some of the visitors out. Microsoft must I presume be using NAT64 as well.