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duplicate copy on hard drive


grumpy old man:
I have a samsung external hard drive.

I back up folders etc using file manager to copy across.

In order to back up in a structured manner folders have been created to which I copy files etc.

A folder exists for my office files, this is sub divided into documents, pictures etc. However a duplicate folder for documents has been created.  I have one 'Documents' and a second one appeared as 'documents'.  Both folders have the same files and when I delete a file in one folder it disappears in the other.

The duplicate folder with lower case d has been on drive for some time but I had been ignoring as I never save to it.  It has only become an issue recently when I tried to save large file and got error message noting insufficient space and on investigation found that all files have, it would appear been saved twice.

Any suggestions as to what might have happened?

The only way I can see to resolve is to delete both folders and start again. 


I think it is likely you don't actually have two folders and that one of them is actually a link to the other and both are looking at the same single set of files.

If you do a properties of the folders and look at the size on disk, how does that compare to the supposed capacity of the disk?

grumpy old man:
Thank you for your response.

Having checked properties of respective folders I think you are correct there must be a link and files are not stored twice. 

In carrying out this check I have compared sizes of folders on external hard drive with amount of space used, the combined total of folders files are about 70 Gb short of apparent used space.  Odd.


That's quite normal. Data is stored on a hard disk in multiples of the sector size, so the used space is nearly always greater than the file size.

grumpy old man:
Thanks for the advice.  70 Gb seems alot of space, however it seems I'll have to live with it.



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