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Author Topic: IPv6 WAN-side address of router  (Read 688 times)


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IPv6 WAN-side address of router
« on: November 01, 2018, 01:01:47 AM »

My Firebrick routerís WAN interface has an IPv4 address. It happens to be taken from a separate allocation that is outside the routed block that is mapped to devices on the LAN. However, I canít seem to see any equivalent IPv6 address for the WAN interface. So there is not some specific point that could be pinged.

Any thoughts? Why is IPv6 different from IPv4? Whatís the general, common practice?

If there isnít one, it could be that the router just doesnít need such things anyway. Maybe the routing table really just works with interfaces being mentioned in the table, rather than IP addresses of interfaces, which to me would make a lot of sense.

A different question: Is it possible on some systems to reveal the up/down status of an interface by pinging the address of that interface? That is, even if it is the local end not the remote end, so not a question of trying to traverse a link that may be down.