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Author Topic: Lost 189k on my line #2 downstream (6%)  (Read 993 times)


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Lost 189k on my line #2 downstream (6%)
« on: October 15, 2018, 12:46:19 AM »

I have now lost 6% of the downstream speed on line 2, just one of those annoying things. It is of course nowhere near big enough to be reportable as a Ďfaultí but it is just annoying that this is now a whole 10% worse than one of the other lines.

But the upstream has gone up a lot,  ow the highest, so some consolation.

I have tried rebooting the modem several times. Eventually got a downstream improvement of about 38k and this figure reported is after that improvement.

I donít know if there is anything I could do about it. The standard things like leaving it off for ages, or choosing a certain time to resynch it at. But when?

If the heavy rain has now stopped, then perhaps things might change as the ground dries up a little. Might that make it better, or worse?

I wonder if extremely heavy rain actually helps? If it attenuated long distance RF from broadcast stations?


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Re: Lost 189k on my line #2 downstream (6%)
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2018, 03:44:43 PM »

The standard things like leaving it off for ages, or choosing a certain time to resynch it at. But when?
I can't recall whether you have mentioned before if you log your DSL data (via DSLstats or something), but perhaps over time you could use that logged data and compile a graph that shows the typical times when your sync speed is likely to be highest? Of course, there are going to be cases where there are conditions that are outside the scope of the logged DSL data such as weather, unusual interference that is not part of a pattern, etc. (though, you could setup a weather station to monitor atmospheric conditions and a receiver to pick up on interference to log and compile with the DSL data). :D

This could be become obsessive pretty quickly... reminds me of another forum user... :hmm: what have you done with the real Weaver? ;D
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