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Author Topic: Again, appeal for viewing tips  (Read 489 times)


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Again, appeal for viewing tips
« on: September 17, 2018, 01:47:43 PM »

I am going through another desperate famine wrt to viewing material - films tv programmes and Netflix / Amazon specials.

The days are long and the pain is sometimes bad, but usually relentless and wearing, so some distraction is needed. I am restricted to Netflix, Amazon and anything you can get from Apple’s web store (expensive, slow downloads, possible because the quality is high). I don’t have TV (BBC, ITV, C4) at all and I don’t go downstairs anyway.

So another appeal for tips. Especially good movies, new or old. And satisfying Amazon or Netflix programmes.

I am fed up with the wait for The Man in the High Castle S3, which seems to be interminable. The most recent series of Bosch, S4, has come and gone, superb but now I need to endure a huge wait for the next one. Goliath S2 was a disaster, a huge disappointment and a total waste of time and of good actors. I would love another Mindhunter series, I hope I remembered the title correctly, a series about the early FBI psychological analysis of murderers which also had our heroes digging into the odd new case too. Travellers or whatever was very good, about a squad of time travellers here to stop history making some wrong turns. I am not sure where we are with Westworld which iirc was on the Apple web store.

I could really do with some movie tips. I find that the pain and brain fog makes it very exhausting trying to find new good stuff and then remembering what has been found and keeping it all in order.



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Re: Again, appeal for viewing tips
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2018, 05:52:56 PM »

I really struggle to find anything worth viewing on Netflix, as their style of home brewed content is not to my taste.  Also, on 99% of movie material, they have the black-level set incorrectly, resulting in washed-out greys.   Very occasionally, they get it right, and the difference is dramatic.

Same for Amazon, I don’t like the content, but at least it is correctly encoded on the few I have watched.

Have you thought about getting an Apple TV?   It gives you another program source (Itunes), and also has an iPlayer App, though I have never used it as our TV iPlayer.

One Netflix exception/recommendation, watched it a while back... the classic 1950s 1980s horror movie ‘Crhistine’, about a self-healing car wreaking carnage.   We’ve all seen it, but very rewatchable

Edit: Christine, the car was 1950s, but the film was of course 1980s.
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Re: Again, appeal for viewing tips
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2018, 07:21:59 PM »

I do already have an Apple TV but no large screen TV in my bedroom to use it on, it is for downstairs use. It is really good.

I can of course get all the same stuff from the Apple web store and watch it on the iPad. I do find Apple’s stuff very expensive so I only check what is available very infrequently.

I suspect that Sevenlayermuddle may possible be reacting as I do to some of the content: seems to be a tendency for very over the top subject matter and acting, glorification if crime and anti-heros and very American indeed. To their credit though some of these programmes are in languages other than English but it seems that they are only very rarely are produced outside America if the language is in English. I saw one programme that was set in Australia for example.
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