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Author Topic: TalkTalk dont make contract end dates visible on their account pages.  (Read 394 times)


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Knowing that my contract was nearing its end but not knowing exactly when I logged in to My Account on their website but was unable to find anything about my contract dates. I also checked all my emails from them when I renewed but again nothing about contract dates. Eventually I was told by one of their people on the community forum, and advised that they dont put dates up anywhere and have no plans to do so.

I would have thought that any fixed term contract should clearly state the dates the contract is valid for when one signs up so there can be no doubt. Not doing this to my mind is sharp practice to hope that folks will not be aware until it's too late to shop around and either allow their payments to increase to silly levels of panic into signing a new contract.

At least I have a few short weeks now to see if I want to move, problem is they want a 24 month contract which I dont want, 18 months was bad enough but 12 would be preferable.

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