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Author Topic: Sneezing and raw food  (Read 231 times)


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Sneezing and raw food
« on: September 01, 2018, 05:09:33 AM »

Caio he has been sneezing and had running eyes and nose for years now almost like very bad hay fever or possibly some allergy.

Janet has changed all of the orientals to some raw food Natrual Instinct, defrosted the day before. The Sāsaigs Beileag and Buidheag live on crunches and real bunnies. Tom is constantly catching bunnies and mice but he has kitten crunchies available to him. Whenever he is peckish he just walks off into the grass and within 30 seconds he has got a mouse.

Anyway, Janet thinks that the change to the expensive raw stuff has stopped Caoimhe sneezing and wheezing all the time. I certainly notice that she is not doing it tonight, but she did sneeze all over my face yesterday.