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Author Topic: Convoy  (Read 202 times)


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« on: August 10, 2018, 08:46:10 AM »

"A police patrol car observed the blue BMW M6, orange Nissan GTR, red Audi S5 and grey Porsche GT3 travelling in convoy. Officers were unable to stop the cars."

On the M74, southbound, going at "more than 140mph", presumably so fast that the police could not get near them.

The convoy was also seen by someone coming back down from Ulapul toward Gairbh which is where they could either have turned right and then headed towards Srath Carrann and maybe the vicinity of the Skye Bridge, or else could have continued straight on into Gairbh, towards the Black Isle peninsula and then Inverness. I actually did not think I have ever done that stretch from Ulapul, but I surely must have, as I have been to Ulapul two or three times, once when Janet went there for work.

Apparently Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, The Stig and Doctor Who were unavailable for comment.

So if the policeman took ten seconds to get really going, sitting on the M74, then according to my calculator the convoy would be at an absolute minimum more than 0.3 mi away from the policeman if she or he had reached 60mph in those ten seconds. I do hope that I have done the arithmetic correctly.

And if the convoy were doing 170mph they would be 0.39 mi ahead of the policeman at the ten seconds point.

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