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Author Topic: Road works in Winchester  (Read 565 times)


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Road works in Winchester
« on: August 06, 2018, 12:11:10 PM »

Well after months of telling my Dad that his line wasn't right, he finally phoned John Lewis BB support line, a few tests later they sent OR to his house. the voice part was ok, but the ADSL part would cutout for hours, so he would reboot and sometimes a connection would be made. Skyeci sold me one of his ZyXEL modem routers, which showed the problem was not his JL supplied kit.
They looked at his incoming line and re-routed/moved the master socket it to get better speeds at his PC  :)
So by this time he had called for backup to conduct further tests from the house to the PCP cab in Park road.
The OR people carried out a test for breaks in the line, which told them they would have to dig up the junction of Park road and Andover Road, to fix the underground part of the cable.
High priest will know this one as it's the main highway in/out of Winchester to the north and in the 9 o'clock rush hour will tailback a couple of miles.
There is a VLarge new housing estate going up near where they live, and the contractors have been busy digging up the main road.. twice they dug up my dads electricity mains supply to the house :-X while putting in services to the new estate.

Foot note:- He still has a BT Bellset No31/57? in the house, I think most of the neighbourhood know when his phone rings ::) as he's a bit deaf my mum still has to tell him it's ringing!!

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