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Author Topic: iPad scrolling and touch  (Read 3514 times)


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iPad scrolling and touch
« on: August 04, 2018, 02:17:01 AM »

Say on an iPad you have a window that scrolls up or down and inside it there is a subwindow or pane which is a clipping region, behind which a window can also independently be scrolled up or down. A really good example can be found in Safari when you are editing a post here. The whole main window can be scrolled up/down and in the multi-line edit box where you are editing your post that text content can be independently scrolled up/down within the main window. And you can also embed a code or quote object into your post and then if you look at the finished result that subwindow can be scrolled too.

So my question: how on earth do you actually gain some kind of control over which level, which window - inner or outer - you are scrolling when you drag up/down in the subwindow? Something to do with double clicking maybe? It sometimes changes from scrolling inner window to outer window. God knows.

In fact although I have had an iPsd for seven years now, even going back to the iPad 1 and the awkward-nightmare-to-install iOS v4, I admit that I have never really understood the gestures properly.

So many things in Apple iOS land are completely un-obvious. Explanatory text snd meaningful labels seem verboten because that would create a danger that you might be able to just simply see what things are, rather than having to decode cryptic meaningless icons. Given that on the Mac a lot of stuff was very clear in UI terms, they have for some reason gone decades backwards so that now you have to read the manual all the time. Except there is no manual, so it means go to google. Help is also forbidden in Apple land, because help text would possibly actually let you know what things do, explain concepts, tell you what the issues are and five you info help to guide your choices. Windows’ UI (as of ten years ago, because I am not familiar with current MS products) is so much better than iOS but I realise in the past that they do not have to cope with a no-mouse and no-keyboard situation and also do not have to handle  physically tiny screens as on the iPhone. What is so great about Siri is that you just tell it what to do and do not have to know how to get it done. It then comes back and tells you that it is not allowed to do whatever you asked it to do, for god only knows what reason, perhaps one being that they do not trust the system not to have bugs or holes in it that have catastrophic results. For that pitifully lame argument, three things: (i) get it to confirm what it is going to do if needed, so you can tell that it has understood you; (ii) do an "are you sure" if necessary; and (iii) always have a 100% full undo for everything. Perhaps a much enhanced Siri should be the thing that you rely on on the iPhone or perhaps something with a different interface but based on the same natural language tech. This is a bit like Microsoft going over to using Powershell CLI on Windows Server boxes now, is that right? I mean ditching the GUI and going to something more powerful and faster to use (but only if you speak A-level Powershell, in that case).


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Re: iPad scrolling and touch
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2018, 08:02:18 AM »

On my Android tablet if I was to quote your post dragging outside the reply box scrolls the whole Web page, dragging inside the reply box scrolls the content of the reply only. I've no reason to think an ipad would be any different.

PS. Wonderful to read the user experience of Apple devices is so good  ;) ;D Sorry couldn't resist  :-X
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