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Author Topic: email digital certificate with iOS mail client  (Read 3532 times)


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email digital certificate with iOS mail client
« on: August 02, 2018, 01:39:26 AM »

I tried once to get a digital cert for my email address to use on an iPad but found thatbtye whole thing is a nightmare if you do not also have a PC with one of the popular desktop-type web browsers, for some reason. The firm that sold me the digital cert was iirc globalcert and when I complained bitterly about how awkward the whole thing was they gave me a refund. Just a bug waste of time, that’s all.

Has anyone ever succeeded where I failed - getting encryption and identity validation set up in Apple’s iOS mail client app with a digital cert for your email address?

Some years ago, I did go one better and actually had a digital cert with my name on it as well as my email address for use in Microsoft Outlook in Windows. On the iPad, if I could go that extra step too then that would be better still. I would probably set things up for my wife first though as she uses email all the time as part of her business.