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Author Topic: Zip  (Read 3523 times)


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« on: July 25, 2018, 11:57:04 PM »

I am trying to find a really friendly tool that can zip up collections of files and unzip archives stored in other apps but it really needs to interwork with other apps in a very slick fashion, despite the nuisance of apple's sometimes insane app partitioning scheme.

I have seen various tools that are totally horrible to use - incomprehensible or not capable. The "Documents 6" app by Readdle is a nice file manager which knows how to unzip zip files in a very no-nonsense fashi9n, but I have not found how to get it to create zip files.

Does anyone know of any really top-notch apps that I have missed?

It is really a kind of plug-in or filter or some such that is required here; in fact yet another ‘app’ is the last thing needed. We have just plain ‘files’ here and they are not necessarily meaningfully ‘in’ or ‘associated (solely) with’ one app. This truth about all our files is not news, and Apple can not successfully try and reshape reality into something nonsensical that they might want it to be.

I have written programs of my own to zip things up - done by using the Workflow programming system, which can also do all kinds of formats, compressing and decompressing in say .tar.bz2 format too not just .zip. The latter gives a further 50% size reduction compared with Workflow’s zip performance. I can therefore write my own decompression tool using .tar.bz2 format but I do not have the convenience of being able to browse into the resulting archive using Documents 6 though because it does not grok aforesaid format.