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AAISP: Home::1 1TB tariff increasing to 2TB from 1st August

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--- Quote ---When we first launched our 1TB tariff, the idea was that it was meant to be 'pretty much unlimited for most people'. Most of our customers don't go over 1TB (1 terabyte) and the quota isn't something they worry about.

However, usage patterns change, people watch more streaming video and download more. In an effort to keep to the original goal of the 1TB tariff, we're happy to announce that from August 1st the 1TB Home::1 tariff will become 2TB/month. No change in cost, and the 'quota bonus' will still be applied.

Our order pages and web pages will be updated w/b 30th July. Customers ordering the 1TB tariff during July will be changed to 2TB on August 1st.

--- End quote ---

Nice. I wonder if there will be a price reduction for existing 2TB customers.

2TB -> 5TB

It's nice news indeed. Assuming the Home::1 tariff still allows customers to have an IPv4 block (it was announced earlier this year) then I will likely downgrade my lines to Home::1 as I don't need the 5TB allowance, 2TB + a small allowance on the other line is more than ample :).

An interesting loophole has come to light with AAISP's pricing if you make crafty use of the quota bonus and your monthly usage is between 201GB and 800GB per month.

Month 1 2TB package:
Use 800GB which means you carry over 600GB (half the unused 1.2TB)

Month 2 200GB package:
Starting allowance is 800GB and all is used

Month 3 back to 2TB and keep repeating.

The interesting thing is that it renders the 300GB package totally redundant. Doing as I suggest costs an extra 15 every other month (average 7.50 per month). The 300GB package costs an extra 10 per month! For anyone using between 301GB and 800GB they save 7.50 per month.


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