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Author Topic: Constant drop in upstream sync  (Read 387 times)


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Constant drop in upstream sync
« on: July 15, 2018, 06:26:49 AM »


I know my line isn't the best but its downstream has been pretty stable since I remember, showing almost maximum what my line is capable of.

The issue here is the upstream which drops every reboot of router. I am using TP-Link TD-W9980 on ECI Cab. ISP: BT

I had 78 days of modem uptime with 6400 kbps of current upstream and 44500 of downstream with SnR as following 6.7/6.5 showing maximum of 7100 for upstream and 45000 for downstream.

I decided to reboot the router as SnR where at its highest. Surprisingly the upstream dropped to 6000 with showing maximum of 6200. Downstream resynced at 45500 so a bit better than before. Both SnRs at ~6/6.1

My downstream is within the Range A but upstream seems to be impacted. I thought it goes together?

Can anyone advise what should I do? 2 years back my upstream used to be about 9000 and downstream about the same.

Thank you!



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Re: Constant drop in upstream sync
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2018, 06:38:09 PM »

Unless I am misunderstanding, both your current DS and US synchronisation speeds are within the "Range A (Clean)" limits.  :-\

The only thing you can realistically do is to just use the service and don't be too concerned about the statistics!
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