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Author Topic: BBC predicts all-IP future, says it will evolve into an internet broadcaster  (Read 1326 times)


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Absolutely they do.   That's why the BBC designed BIDI all those years ago. 
Whilst they may use BIDI for the UK ISPs who peer via LINX at Telehouse,  their website is global and why they also use at least another 2 CDNs.  There will also be some resiliency for the UK consumers with them also using 2 commercial CDNs in addition to their own.
Without checking the history dates of the CDNs, iirc BIDI was serving the UK content at around the same time that Amazon AWS was just getting off the ground in the US, perhaps even before.  Akami was the daddy... can't recall when they entered the global market, but CDN was specifically invented to tackle the problem of video streaming.   Today practically all the largest websites use a CDN and not just for streaming content.   CDNs handle something like over 50% of internet traffic.   

Thats true but these are mostly global services, This is why I thought there as no need for a CDN for the BBC as all its viewers are in one country (forgetting BBC global services).
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I can't find the post where I think BBC iPlayer was mentioned. But I was reading this daily mail headline;

BBC iPlayer CRASHES in the last five minutes of England's quarter-final clash with Sweden meaning fans MISSED Three Lions' victory moment

It seems iPlayer crashed in the final minutes of the game. They also added a 20 second delay to the feed.
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We watched it via iPlayer, we had problems at the beginning and it then played perfectly until somewhere around the 90 minute mark. At this point I switched to an app on my phone ( which I think may use the iPlayer stream and this played OK until the end. iPlayer did kick back in after a few minutes though from where it left off. I just thought the problem was broadband/WiFi related.

I'm surprised it's only a 20 second delay, nothing is strictly live, there is always a delay, even on satellite. The system with the least delay is the satellite system they use in bookies -  I'm going back a few years now, but I doubt much has changed. Quite often the delay is intentional, to allow swearing to be bleeped out for instance, or a streaker to be blurred out.

If watching just for pleasure then a 10, 20 or even 60 second delay is really irrelevant.
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I have both terrestrial and satellite, maybe its just my devices but the sat feed is always a good 10-15 seconds behind. Always just assumed satellite should be behind, I know the 72000km only takes ~250ms but with buffering/processing each side figured cables/beams to local terrestrial stations have to be faster.

They didn't add 20s of delay to the feed, iplayer is always way behind live from other sources, or do you mean 20 seconds more than the usual minute or so delay? I guess it probably depends on which CDN is serving you.


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I noticed it and at first thought it may have been my connection.  It was playing OK and only crashed during the extra time, so the match result was practically guaranteed, but it was a bit annoying to just see a spinny circle on the screen whilst waiting for the whistle to blow.     I tried to get bbc weather in another window and that was also slow to load so I just assumed it must have been demand.

They also added a 20 second delay to the feed.

That's not new news.  :-\ 
1) As Ron says, live is seldom ever live and most tv and radio has a delay.
2) An additional delay for streaming  (-v- over the air) just can't be avoided due to several things such as internet &network conditions (latency & bitrate) and also the time taken to compress and upload to the CDNs.   Its not just the World Cup or the BBC, same happens for all broadcasters who stream, so I don't know why they are making a big deal out of it.     
If its so important then use bog standard TV or sky.    That said, even satellite lags about a second or so behind terrestrial TV.   
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I watched it on UHD without any issues, however there is about a 90 second delay on the UHD stream v terrestrial.
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