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Author Topic: Convert Swann's .264 format to .MP4 guide  (Read 7410 times)


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Convert Swann's .264 format to .MP4 guide
« on: June 08, 2018, 07:56:22 PM »

This is a guide that will help you if you had trouble like I did when I recently bought a Swann NVR CCTV camera setup. I had some problems being able to view the newer .264 format, which transcodes to .mp4 (the older version transcoded to .avi).

In the newer versions of SwannView Link they moved the transcoding part in to the main program. The problem I have had is the machine seems to struggle transcoding properly in to .mp4 so you're most of the time left with a broken mp4 file. Your player will play most of it but then just get to a point where it won't play any further.

Software you'll need is VLC which can be found here:

As of writing this guide I'm using v3.0.2

So we have to change some settings to be able to do the procedures we want.

First off we need to setup VLC so it can play the .264 file. In the automatic settings for some reason it can't play the file, even though it should be able to.

1. Open VLC
2. Go to the drop down menu Tools, and select Preferences.
3. At the bottom left of this window where it says Show Settings, select All.
4. On the left side window look for Input/Codec section and then Demuxers. Left click on it.
5. On the Demuxer page it'll be set to automatic. Change it to HEVC/H.265 video demuxer, and then hit the save button.

You should now be able to view the .264 files in VLC.

Now if we want to convert the file, now we should be able to.

1. Go to the drop down menu Media, and select Convert / Save.
2. In the File section you can either drag the .264 file in to the box or select Add and manually add it.
3. Press the Convert / Save button.
4. In the Destination section press the Browse button. In the next box it will auto add .MP4 on to the file name. You can accept this (or change the name) and press OK.
5. Press the Start button.

VLC will now be converting the .264 in to an .MP4 file that can be watched by most players.

In order to play your videos in VLC as normal again you will need to change the demuxer back to Automatic and press Save.
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