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Author Topic: House building  (Read 451 times)


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House building
« on: June 04, 2018, 05:16:56 PM »

[Apologies if I have asked this before, but my memory is completely shot with all the drugs.]

More and more houses keep getting built in our small village. As many of you probably are aware we are four miles at least from any other civilisation on the end of EO lines. There is not a single house between me and the cluster of houses near the main road at Harapul on the outskirts of the village of Broadford where the NSBFD exchange lives. You can see the location on the map if you look up IV49 9BN in google maps say. In fact there was an extensive thread about the run of the copper lines, with pics, some years ago.

So my question: what happens when the village outgrows the bundle of copper pairs that serves it currently? What exactly are BT likely to do?

FYI I am pretty certain on the basis of the codelook (is it ?) website, which publishes data on telephone exchanges and even individual green cabs, that BT are putting in FTTC in Broadford itself and at various locations to the north and to the east heading towards Port Rėgh and towards the Skye Bridge respectively. I think they will have put in shiny new FTTC cabs very recently in the places near the main road that are deemed to be deserving in order to achieve this.
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Re: House building
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2018, 11:51:34 PM »

Your exchange appears to have 8 FTTC cabinets that are currently live, with a 9th being commissioned.

Code: [Select]
Cabinet P2  FTTC being Activated, live due by July 2018  Phase BDUK HIE 15b      Huawei  IV49 9BY 
Cabinet P3  FTTC Available from 14th July 2017  Phase BDUK HIE 17b    29  Huawei  IV43 8QZ 
Cabinet P4  FTTC Available from 1st October 2016  Phase BDUK HIE 15b    305  Huawei  IV49 9AF 
Cabinet P5  FTTC Available from 31st March 2017  Phase BDUK HIE 15b    64  Huawei  IV42 8QA 
Cabinet P6  FTTC Available from 14th March 2018  Phase BDUK HIE 15b    45  Huawei  IV42 8PZ 
Cabinet P7  FTTC Available from 30th March 2018  Phase BDUK HIE 17b    24  Huawei  IV49 9AN 
Cabinet P9  FTTC Available from 22nd November 2017  Phase BDUK HIE 17b    84  Huawei  IV42 8PY 
Cabinet P10  FTTC Available from 1st June 2017  Phase BDUK HIE 17b    81  Huawei  IV49 9AZ 
Cabinet P13  FTTC Available from 8th August 2017  Phase BDUK HIE 17b    26  Huawei  IV49 9AJ 

They are all BDUK funded.
It's likely only 1 is a larger 288 Huawei (cabinet P4).
The others will be either smaller Huawei cabinets or AIO cabinets.

The majority of your exchange appears to be EO bundles.
You appear to be Exchange Bundle 8
Plusnet FTTC 80/20 -  ECI now Huawei cab
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Re: House building
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2018, 05:32:10 AM »

It's very detailed, that site, isn’t it. A valuable resource. It is good that they can even get that information and can publish it.

Does anyone know what will happen about the line to the village if they run out of pairs, or approach that point ?

Could it be that unlucky late-comers have a problem or delay getting a copper pair when BT have to find a solution? Or does BT normally upgrade somehow ahead of time so that the next customer will not have a huge wait for a new service?

I wonder about an engineer coming out and finding that all the few unused pairs left are bad anyway, or would they just know that from notes made by previous testing, and so not have to make a site visit that is doomed to failure.