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Author Topic: Remedial kitten  (Read 206 times)


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Remedial kitten
« on: June 05, 2018, 05:14:34 AM »

Janet was sitting on the edge of the bed, with Somhairle sitting right next to her. Suddenly she felt something warm and wet through her trousers. She realised to her sudden horror that remedial-cat was having a pee on the duvet right next to her! Sitting upright, frozen, in the usual cat position. She shouted and tapped him, then put him off the bed and talked to him then took him to a litter tray in the next next room. He looked disconsolate, dismayed with black eyes and wouldn't talk to her, shocked that she would shout at and scold him. He would barely be comforted for the next half hour, until cuddles and bribery by me with scraps of cheese got him purring and talking again. Finally he could no longer resist the offer of being cradled in Janetís arms.

What to do about him? Maybe he will get the message and remember it long-term. Perhaps he really is just a remedial kitten.