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Author Topic: REIN REIN, go to Spain...  (Read 12170 times)


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Re: REIN REIN, go to Spain...
« Reply #105 on: August 24, 2018, 08:57:59 PM »

There was a nice short shower earlier and for once synch wasn't lost, and even better I saw it coming and managed to grab an extra few snapshots.  The pre-rain snapshot is at 5:31 (was just starting) and one a few minutes later when errors were starting to appear (I also grabbed a SNRperTone in between and it was in between the two i.e. not as bad as the 5:35).  This ties in with what I'd seen before with the QLN being significantly higher after the rain, if a resynch happened i.e. the average noise had increased.

Has anyone any idea what could cause this effect?

It sort of looks like crosstalk that lasts for a short period - is there a way another line could cause this? In the past I've lost synch with a margin of 16 :D
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