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Author Topic: Openreach Begin Consulting on Withdrawal of UK PSTN Phone Network  (Read 585 times)


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As expected Openreach (BT) has today begun consulting broadband ISPs and the wider UK telecoms industry on their plan to withdraw the old traditional analogue Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and replace it with new digital, internet based (all IP) services by 2025.

Right off the bat we should clarify that this is NOT a removal of the old copper lines that underpin such services but rather a change of how the service over the top of those lines is communicated, although it will in future help to facilitate the replacement of copper with pure fibre optic (FTTH/P) lines (you’ll only be able to use Internet Protocol (IP) based traffic over the latter).

    PSTN Supports the Following Wholesale Products:

    WLRWholesale Line Rental

    WLR3 enables CPs to offer their own-brand telephony service over the PSTN copper network. Openreach provides, maintains and repairs the lines so that CPs can supply services to their customers, without having to maintain a network themselves.

    ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network

    This is a telephone-based network system that transmits voice and data over copper wires. ISDN enables customers to make phone calls while transmitting files and videoconferencing, but has now been superseded by much more reliable and faster broadband and Ethernet services. There are two types of ISDN: ISDN2 and ISDN30.

    LLU SMPFLocal Loop Unbundling Shared Metallic Path Facility

    This enables CPs to offer broadband services over a WLR line while another CP (or the same CP) supplies voice services on the same line – hence it being “shared”.

    SLU SMPFSub-Loop Unbundling Shared Metallic Path Facility

    This provides access to an access point in the local network (usually the Openreach street cabinet) to enable SLU CPs to connect to their Fibre network, providing voice services over copper and broadband over fibre.
BT Infinity 2 - Smart Hub 6 - ECI Cab