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Openreach UK Trial Finally Brings G.INP to ECI FTTC Broadband

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So with permission from my contact at Openreach I am allowed to share this as I asked for an update and apparently CP's have this info too..

sadly not good news by the looks of it..

I have checked the situation again and received this response:-“ we have paused the trial of ReTx whilst we work with ECI and their partners to fix a bit loading algorithm problem in one of the chip sets which was causing anomalies on a subset of lines on the trial. We do not have a date for any next steps for this trial as we are concentrating our efforts on working with our supplier and their partners to find a fix”.

Well just confirms to me why they need to dump ECI and install something which works!


Come on let's be honest, is anyone surprised?  I'm not.

ETA for G.INP - Never or by the time VDSL2 can be considered old tech by a good percentage of this country

That seems to be the realistic assessment I feel.

They need to dump ECI and replace it, but of course they won't. There's nothing forcing them to do so as they are allowed to offer FTTC as a best efforts service, which means they don't need to guarantee things like G.INP support across their entire estate. Thanks for sharing the update however, it's appreciated.

I was going to post a rant on just how pathetic this situation with the ECI cabs is but I give up.

(the posting an "official" update is greatly appreciated though)


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