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Author Topic: is it possible to use an ubnlocked zyxell on a Sky connection to pull dsl stats?  (Read 207 times)


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Hi, kitizens,

my friend has issues with his broadband showing connectivity problems during gameplay when he is LAN'd in to the Sky' router and his son and wife say they aren't using anything, I did say are all Smart TV's off turned off, and phones wifi and any device with wifi disconnected etc, he was saying but that shouldn't cause a problem? background updates I explained.

 and as you know by now he is with Sky, he gets 47Mbps and is unsure of what 'tier' he's on, but says he says Openreach says he should be getting 77Mbps (I dunno what he is looking at) and other sites quote much higher speeds that he gets? when he goes through signups!

slightly off-topic: am I right in guessing that OFCOM has forced all ISPs to show the average of 'THEIR' customers connection speeds, instead of the country overall? if so Sky is the slowest and I think FTTP (property) and FTTp (pod) reach could skew results slightly? (most especially through BT - making them have the highest results)

anyway, I know sky use MER Encapsulation (or did) to log into routers instead of having a DSL username and password - cos I was wanting to take my zyxell router and use DSL-stats or whatever I could use on it to get more info - in mean-time he contacting sky to see what tier he's on so he can justify it bein slow or normal

is it possible to use ay router on Sky?

« Last Edit: March 17, 2021, 03:32:27 PM by snadge »
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For Sky to work on 3rd party modem it needs "DHCP Option 61 (MER)" user name +Password as per this thread

I see that 1 poster has provided a generic username+password as Sky uses phone line to id user.

« Last Edit: March 17, 2021, 05:10:36 PM by parkdale »
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Yes possible to use a Zyxel in router or modem mode.