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Author Topic: AAISP 1 month contracts  (Read 1343 times)


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AAISP 1 month contracts
« on: March 16, 2018, 12:33:51 PM »

Thought it might interest some to hear that it looks like AAISP are either now offering or about to offer 1 month contracts for ADSL and VDSL2 (FTTC) packages. See for example, it now lists 12 months for FTTP only and 6 months or 1 month term choices for ADSL and VDSL2 (FTTC) packages. The downside is that you need to pay a setup cost, albeit a fair price imo, if you want the 1 month term.

Adrian Kennard did mention on his blog about some further tariff changes and also an issue with a carrier currently which has held a bit of progress on this back.
The new A&A tariff work we started last year, I expected to be doing more. And one of our carriers, who I have promised my own staff not to tear a large piece out of on my blog just yet, are causing some crazy issues for us. Things that should have been done and dusted over 6 months ago are not, and so more work on tariffs is a tad stalled. Even so, we hope to plough ahead with some improvements this month, albeit more risk for us doing so. The existing changes, with more lines able to get Terabyte packages, and better usage roll over and higher entry level allowances, have clearly helped, but we expected to have done more by now. More will be coming I am sure.

But let's be positive - the changes we made late last year are good, and things are happening this month too.

Unless I'm mistaken in how I'm interpreting the new choices of contract term and setup costs, this is good news :). I don't think is coming to my area anytime soon so in the next month or two I might consider using my second line on a 200GB tariff which should quota balance with my current 2TB tariff, VDSL2 of course, for bonding. Hopefully should achieve at least 140+ megabits down and 35+ megabits up :P. The big question is whether I can figure out how to do bonding on the EdgeRouter Pro 8 or whether I'll be forced to use a FireBrick instead.

EDIT: I've gone ahead and ordered a second line on a 1 month contract. Due to be installed on the 26th. I need to figure out if and how bonding can be done on the EdgeRouter Pro 8 still as I don't really want to invest in a Firebrick. While they are good... they are quite pricey too.

EDIT: Damn, it's now April 3rd. Oh well, longer time to figure out bonding on the EdgeRouter.
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