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Author Topic: Full Fibre Broadband May Deliver £120bn Boost to 100 UK Cities and Towns  (Read 282 times)


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A new study conducted by economic consultancy Regeneris, which was commissioned by Cityfibre, has predicted that the total economic impact of deploying “full fibre” (FTTP/H) ultrafast broadband ISP networks, across 100 distinct UK city and towns, could reach £120bn over a 15 year period.

The study examined 10 areas of the United Kingdom’s economy that were deemed “likely to benefit from full fibre roll-outs” and it also sought to quantify the impact of each of these areas in 100 distinct UK town and city economies. The results are split by businesses, households, environmental impact and so forth. The research does not consider the outcome of a nationwide rollout but this would obviously be even bigger.

    Key Findings

    Businesses (particularly SMEs):

    * £2.2bn in productivity stimulus
    * £2.3bn in innovation benefits
    * £2.3bn in growth resulting from new business start-ups
    * £1.9bn in flexible working benefits


    * Households could benefit collectively to the sum of £7bn through increased property value
    * Technological Developments
    * £1.1bn from future healthcare applications
    * £5bn from smart city infrastructure, services and smart energy
    * £10bn from the Internet of Things/Industry 4.0
    * Unlocks £28bn in 5G benefits.

    Direct Economic impact from network construction

    * Drive £2.1bn GVA [Gross Value Added]
    * Create close to 7000 temporary jobs, predominantly in the construction and civil engineering industries.

    Environmental Impact

    * Saving 2.3m tonnes of CO2
    * Worth £160m

Full Fibre for all!.. Bring it on!  :drink:
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