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Author Topic: Age Verification and UK ISP Internet Porn Ban Quietly Delayed  (Read 326 times)


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The government has quietly delayed their new age verification rules until the end of 2018, which was set to be targeted at websites and “apps” that contain pornographic content. Broadband ISPs would also be required to block sites that fail to comply with the new rules.

Until a couple of days ago the Digital Economy Act 2017 (summary), specifically its plan to force an age-verification system upon commercial websites that predominantly contain pornographic content, had been due to be implemented from next month (April 2018).

The Great Wall of Porn - delayed!

I feel that this attempt to block porn will be the first in a series of blocks to control the Internet.

What is most disturbing about this is that it's a porn company acting like a neutral party with its AgeID system. The last time that happened it led to a disaster, and is the reason age check systems dropped off the landscape.
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