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Author Topic: IPv6 dynamic updating of PTR records for global and link local addresses in LAN  (Read 349 times)


  • Kitizen
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I have some box in my LAN that has various ever-changing global and fe80:: IPv6 addresses. Some might be based in the MAC address. ?The iOS boxen seem to like spinning global changing addresses that look unpredictable, not all MAC-based or even none MAC-based.

This is a good thing for privacy what with snooping shops etc, but annoying for sysadmins. Even if i give some box running OS <whatever> a static ipv6 address there's no guarantee that it won't just ignore it and spin up some additional ones which are all over the place, and there are other OS which may not be any more tameable.

So my question: Is there anything useful that can be done to get PTR lookup working for IPv6 ? Well, getting AAAA assignments done, dynamically automated reliably would be a start first

Concerning AAAA, I don't see how I can reliably get boxes, let's say iOS boxes, just to be really awkward, to be forced to register AAAA mappings. And I have no idea what might be possible standard practice with facilitating reliable PTR mappings. The iOS boxes do have hostname defined, I don't know what the do with them. I have names defined in the DHCP server.

My Firebrick router acts as a DNS caching proxy server and has a kind of DNS additive/overlay filter function where it can add names into the DNS as seen by clients within the LAN (only, I presume). The names can be either single-label or FQDNs under a root suffix that you define. I think this is driven by DHCPv4 activity and stuff you put into a database in the Brickís XML config. But thatís all IPv4-only.

Owners of many *Nix or Microsoft boxes - can you successfully do IPv6 PTR lookup?

I'm aware that there are other more advanced things such as LLMNR and mDNS. Perhaps everyone uses those, or even solely uses those mechanisms? And perhaps that is the way to go?
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