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Author Topic: Firebrick users who have ipad or iphone  (Read 153 times)


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Firebrick users who have ipad or iphone
« on: January 05, 2018, 06:21:13 PM »

I have written an few programs in the horrible crude Workflow programming language for the ipad/iphone for a Firebrick owners.

I wonder if anyone would be interested in testing these for me? Requirements: one Firebrick, one iPad or iPhone and the Workflow app which contains the interpreter and runtime engine required to run the program plus a crude program editor which allows you to edit the program's config settings.

There is
i.   a pair of programs which will query a Firebrick, get status info from it and display it.
ii.  a program that will upload an xml config to a firebrick
iii. a program that will remotely reboot a Firebrick.
iv. For multi-line users such as me, I've also written a program to generate a fragment of XML config which contains elements that set the correct upstream speeds for modems and it works out these numbers based on upstream sync rates and protocol type plus a figure for how hard you wish to push each modem. [Due to bugs in Workflow and lack of documentation, I haven't also managed to combine (ii) and (iv).]

Concerning the pair of status info programs: one is short and fast, the other is enormous, a nightmare monster, slow and very complex as it handles checking for lines down / modems not plugged in and shows report containing a summary of problems if there are any as well as a report showing the state of the whole thing. The programís humungous size and slowness is because it checks for correct setup of a multiple-line configuration, including reporting whether or not the modems are plugged in to the wrong phone lines or the wrong ethernet ports on the Firebrick. It does this by comparing reality with a small database that tells it what the expected correct config should be like. It did successfully find a case where Mrs Weaver had plugged kit in and got connections mixed up. (If I had any sense I would label everything with coloured dots or something.)

Before I do