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Author Topic: ECI B FOCus V-2Ub/r , D-Link 3882, Kasda KW5261  (Read 1598 times)


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ECI B FOCus V-2Ub/r , D-Link 3882, Kasda KW5261
« on: November 26, 2017, 03:14:57 PM »

I'm having a clear out and here are three items I originally picked-up to play with that now need a new home.

1. ECI B Focus with power supply. This came in an Ebay lot and powers up fine but I've not had it on my line. Still has it's protective plastic on the front which suggests it's unused. - 6 inc UK P&P

2. D-Link 3882. This was supplied by OVO Broadband and appears to be the only one on the planet as I can't find any data about it on-line. I know it's MediaTek based ( :yuck:) and has dual band WiFi. It also has a WAN port so you can bypass that nasty modem if you wish! Telnet is open and you can access the file system. The modem doesn't perform well on my line (lots of ES) but may well be better on a shorter one. In it's original box with power supply and leads etc. - 6 inc UK P&P

3. Kasda KW5261. This is Broadcom based and is very configurable. Telnet is open. Wireless N and 10/100 Ethernet.  Surprisingly this doesn't like my line much either (Broadcom is usually good on my line) so it's probably more of a play thing than one to use. Boxed with power supply and lead etc. - 5 inc UK P&P.

Please PM my if interested. I have a Paypal account and that would be my preferred payment source but personal cheques are ok too.

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